Hire Node.js developers from Africa

Do you struggle to hire Node.js developers locally? We have more than 200 Node.js developers in our talent pool. Find out who’s available!

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Why hire Node.js developers at Tunga

In recent years Node.js has grown explosively across the world, because of its potential to boost performance and save costs. Certainly this trend has not surpassed Africa, where it is estimated some 50,000 professional Node.js developers are active.

At Tunga, a large part of our talent pool – around 200 devs – are proficient in Node.js. We regularly hire Node.js developers with clients in the European Union and the United States. If you would like to learn more, or receive profiles from candidates, please leave us a message in the contact form at the bottom.

How it works


Based on your briefing we present you a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for each position. After that, we help you carry out interviews. And if applicable additional tests. Once you’ve picked your team, we make sure all formalities are dealt with quickly.

Remote vs distributed

With remote, the developers work at a distance from the company, but sit together as a team. On the other hand, in a distributed team the members all work from a different location. With Tunga both are possible. So if desired we can provide your team with physical office space. And in any case, we make sure all team members have access to proper hardware and internet connection.


Starting with a new team is always an exciting moment. And more so when the team is remote or distributed. Consequently, we make sure that you have checked all the boxes for a successful collaboration. And help you get started with checklists, tooling, process and a joint kick-off meeting.


After that we will monitor how things are going, so that we can intervene and support where necessary. All our developers fill in daily mini-surveys. And you as a client are asked to rate the collaboration every other week. This helps us to stay on top of things and guarantee your operational quality and continuity.

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Benefits of hiring Node.js developers with Tunga

> Flexible access to experienced developers

> Stable cost levels

> Direct link between you and the programmer

> Custom recruitment process

> Commitment and continuity

What does it cost to hire Node.js developers at Tunga?

The normal rate for an advanced Node.js developer at Tunga is EUR 29,- per hour. That’s an all included fee, so no hidden costs.

Can I hire a part-time Node.js developer?

Yes. The minimum number of hours allocated is 4 hours per week, whether it’s temporary or open-ended. If you hire a team, it’s for example also possible to have some of the members full-time and some part-time, depending on your exact needs.

How long does the whole process take?

A placement process typically takes around 2-4 weeks. Upon receiving your briefing, we can quickly (usually within 3 days) present you a shortlist of suitable and available candidates. After that, there’s interviews with you (and your colleagues?). And once you’ve decided we can promptly send you the proposal for signing. After signing, the developer can start immediately.

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