Hire African front-end developers

Do you struggle to hire front-end developers in your country? Check out our pool!

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Africa has plenty of untapped software talent

It is estimated that Africa harbours around 700.000 professional software developers, of which at least ⅔ masters Javascript, the majority familiar with Angular and/or React or one of the other popular frontend frameworks.

At Tunga, we have more than 300 Javascript, Angular and React developers from Africa in our talent pool. All of them screened and tested for technical and soft skills. If you would like to receive profiles of suitable candidates, please leave us a message in the contact box below.

Hiring front-end developers through Tunga

Frontend developer database

Every day Tunga receives applications from software engineers across Africa, allowing us to find the best candidates for all popular technologies and frameworks. Javascript being sort of a standard requirement, we have over 300 experienced frontend programmers in our database.

Frontend testing

Upon applying with us, each developer has to perform a range of tests, including both technical and soft skills tests. Based on your requirements, we present you a list of candidates that fit your needs. If it is Angular or React you need, they will have been thoroughly tested on their Angular / React skills. Optionally, we can do extra tests, including tests provided by you.

Getting started

Once you hire front-end developers through us, they will be part of your team so you manage them directly. From our side we will make sure that all conditions are created for your collaboration to be successful: briefing, tools, infrastructure and a joint kick-off. Also, we will take care of all administrative matters, such as payments, legal issues and fiscal compliance.


When the engineer is on assignment with you we will keep in close touch to make sure everything goes smoothly. You will be assigned a Talent Manager who will regularly check in with both you and the developer(s) and will troubleshoot if necessary. If somehow the collaboration doesn’t work out, we can quickly help you find an alternative.

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Benefits of hiring front-end developers at Tunga

> Speed and flexibility

> Experience developers at affordable prices

> All support activities included

> Direct communication with your team

> No worries about continuity

What does it cost to hire front-end developers at Tunga?

The normal rate for an advanced front-end developer at Tunga is EUR 27,- per hour. That’s an all included fee, so no hidden costs.

Can I hire a part-time front-end developer?

Yes. The minimum number of hours allocated is 4 hours per week. If you hire a team, it’s for example also possible to have some of the members full-time and some part-time, depending on your exact needs.

How long does the whole process take?

A placement process typically takes around 2-4 weeks. Upon receiving your briefing, we can quickly (usually within 3 days) present you a shortlist of suitable and available candidates. Then there’s interviews with you (and your colleagues?). And once you’ve decided we can promptly send you the proposal for signing. After signing, the developer can start immediately.

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