Hire a Vetted .Net Developer

Looking for skilled developers with advanced .Net development skills? Look no further. Tunga has a large and vetted pool of African .Net developers so that it can quickly deploy staff to your team with no initial commitment.

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Find the right people at Tunga to succeed

Find the right people at Tunga to succeed

Tunga helps companies find, hire and work with .Net developers in Africa. It has access to a large database of African developers so it can quickly deploy staff to your team. Its developers are experienced and software engineers at affordable rates. Tunga takes care of the developer’s salary, taxes, insurance, equipment and internet connection so that you have a hassle-free experience working with them.

Hire a .Net developer

Choose from a pool of .Net developers

Companies like yours may struggle to find the right software developers in Africa to help their business grow. At Tunga, we connect 800+ software developers from 8 African countries to businesses looking for agile and reliable software teams.

Benefits of Hiring from Tunga

Quick & flexible access

Firstly, we have a large and vetted pool of African developers, so that we can quickly deploy staff to your team. But also increase or decrease capacity easily as your situation requires.

Great value for money

Secondly, Tunga provides experienced developers at very affordable rates (~EUR30/hr) after a satisfactory trial period. There are no extra charges for the recruitment, onboarding process or our quality monitoring.

No hassle

Thirdly, working with our developers is plug ‘n play. Because we are more than 5 years on the market, Tunga knows how to take care of all legal, HR and administrative matters.

Why companies love us

Built a dedicated MEAN stack team

Tunga mobilized a truly pan-African managed services team for Niluk. The team consisted of a Ugandan project manager in the person of Ronald Nyakahuma, and 3 developers from Nigeria and Egypt.


Delivered good developers

MindRight was looking to build a team of high quality software engineers. However, the local labor market for software specialists is very tight. But then they found Tunga on Google and decided to give it a try. Tunga onboarded 2 fulltime developers to help MindRight acheive results.


Reduced costs by over 50%

The matching and onboarding process were both done very quickly. As a result, within a few weeks Amos Walugembe was fully operational for Provolve IT. And has been ever since! “Everyone in our virtual office is super enthusiastic about Amos!”

Derek Beuning


Who we are

Tunga is a staff augmentation firm that works with African software developers. With over 800 developers and counting, we live up to our mission to create 21st century jobs for African youths. We have helped 150+ companies worldwide with IT staffing. Add experienced developers to your team within days!