Tunga Takes Home the Doing Business in Africa Award 2022!

BY Douwe V · 10 MIN READ

As a tech company based in Africa, Tunga is no stranger to challenges and obstacles. But we are also no strangers to triumph and success, as evidenced by our recent win at the NABC’s annual Ambassadors’ Dinner in November 2022.

After being nominated and going through a rigorous voting process, Tunga was announced as the winner of the prestigious ‘Doing Business in Africa’ (DBA) award. This is a huge accomplishment for us, one that we are incredibly proud of. But what does this win mean for Tunga and the impact of the work we do?


Our Mission at Tunga…

First and foremost, it is a validation of our mission and the value we provide to businesses. As a tech company in Africa that connects businesses with skilled software developers from Africa, we strive to offer a solution to the global shortage of developers and create well-paid and meaningful work for African youths.

Developers across the continent with companies looking for top talent to help them build products of the future. One such developer is Mark, a software developer at Tunga. Born and raised in Uganda got to kickstart his tech career at a young age, teaching himself how to code and experiment with different technologies.

Thanks to Tunga, Mark currently works remotely on exciting projects for an international tech company. Mark is one example of the many talented African developers leading the digital revolution on the continent through their work with Tunga. With their passion and expertise, they are helping to build a brighter future for Africa and the world.

And as more and more companies look to Africa for top talent, it’s clear that the continent is playing an increasingly important role in the global technology industry.


Why Tunga?

At Tunga, we are glad to be a part of this exciting journey, connecting developers like Mark with companies that need their skills. By working together, we can help to build a better future for everyone. Our win at the DBA awards is a recognition of the value we provide to businesses and the positive impact we are having on the lives of African youths.

It is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication, as well as the support of our clients and everyone who voted for us in the nomination process. But more than a personal accomplishment, our win at the DBA awards also highlights the importance of supporting and empowering African businesses and youths.

It is a reminder of the potential and capabilities of the African tech industry and the positive impact it can have on the continent and the world. Tunga is a staff augmentation company that is at the forefront of the growing technology industry in Africa. We specialize in connecting businesses with skilled developers, particularly those from the African continent.


Working with Africa’s Tech Talents…

Our work is beneficial not only for companies in need of top talent but also for the young people of Africa who may have limited access to well-paid and exciting job opportunities. As the digital revolution continues to sweep across the globe, we are seeing a growing demand for skilled developers who can help build the products of the future.

This demand is exceptionally high in Africa, where many young people are eager to break into the tech industry and positively impact their communities. At Tunga, we are dedicated to providing these young people with the opportunities they need to succeed.

We work with businesses to identify their specific needs and match them with developers who have the skills and expertise to deliver top-quality solutions. In addition to connecting developers with job opportunities, we also provide support and resources to help them grow and succeed in their careers.

This includes training programs, mentorship, and access to a network of industry experts who can provide guidance and support. We are proud of the work we do at Tunga and the impact it has on the lives of young people across Africa. By providing them with access to well-paying and exciting job opportunities, we can help to build a brighter future for the continent and the world.


Our Challenges So Far…

One challenge that Tunga and many other companies in the tech industry face is the growing competition for top talent. As the demand for skilled developers continues to increase, more and more companies are vying for the attention of the best and brightest in the field.

To tackle this challenge, Tunga is focusing on building a strong employer brand and providing a positive work environment for our developers. We can attract and retain top talent by offering competitive salaries, opportunities for growth and advancement, and a supportive and collaborative culture.

In addition, we are also investing in training and development programs to help our developers stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and practices in the industry. By providing our developers with the support they need to grow and succeed, we can maintain our position as a top destination for top African coders.


Moving Forward…

Looking ahead to 2023, we are confident that by focusing on our people and their development, we will conquer the challenge of competition and continue to grow and thrive in the tech industry. We are honored to be the winners of the Doing Business in Africa Award 2022 and to be recognized for our work connecting businesses with top African coders.

As a Dutch tech company operating in Africa, our work benefits businesses that need skilled developers and the young people of Africa who have limited access to well-paid and exciting job opportunities. We are dedicated to providing these young people with the opportunities they need to succeed, and we are excited about the future and the potential for growth and impact.

We enjoyed the annual Ambassadors’ Dinner of the NABC, where the DBA Awards were presented. This event brings together leaders from across the continent and provides a platform for businesses to showcase their achievements and share their vision for the future. We are excited to be a part of it and celebrate the success of businesses making a difference in Africa.

We are grateful to the organizers of the DBA Awards and the NABC for their efforts in promoting and recognizing businesses that are contributing to doing business in Africa. Initiatives like the DBA Awards play a crucial role in supporting and promoting businesses that are making a positive impact on the continent, and we are grateful to be a part of it.

We look forward to participating again in the near future, and congratulations to the other startups nominated for the Doing Business in Africa Award 2022. Thank you!