Why proficiency trumps perfection when building a career in tech

Indeed, the legends are true. Somewhere in this vast cosmos “that someone” resides. All we know is that they are perfection in of itself in the world of software development. Yes, they are everything that you only wished you could be as a software developer in your wildest dream.

dggf funding for tunga

Press release – Tunga receives DGGF funding and launches international growth plans

Tunga has received a Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) loan to build capacity. The investment enables Tunga to solidify its African operations, allowing the launch of growth plans in Europe.

Remote software developers from Africa

Lessons I’ve learned of working with remote software developers from Africa

One year ago, I moved to Uganda. It has been the year in which I have learned the most. Let me try here to share the lessons of working with remote software developers from Africa.

Face to face contact not always better

“Face to face not always better. It’s all about teamwork.”

“I thought this was the major downside of outsourcing; that you need face to face contact to truly understand each other. Guess I was wrong.” Insights by Tunga COO Reinier.