Remote software developers from Africa

Lessons I’ve learned of working with remote software developers from Africa

One year ago, I moved to Uganda. It has been the year in which I have learned the most. Let me try here to share the lessons of working with remote software developers from Africa.

Niluk app built by Tunga devs

Niluk app built by Tunga devs: “A match made in heaven!”

Tunga has been working on the development of the Niluk app since the beginning of this year. Niluk is a mobile app to combat loneliness. Elena Köstler, the founder of Niluk, explains.

Managing remote software engineers

300 remote software engineers: how we manage them at Tunga

“When you’re working with more than 300 developers across Africa, you spent a lot of time onboarding remote software engineers on different projects and for different clients.”

Face to face contact not always better

“Face to face not always better. It’s all about teamwork.”

“I thought this was the major downside of outsourcing; that you need face to face contact to truly understand each other. Guess I was wrong.” Insights by Tunga COO Reinier.