Mark at Tunga's office opening party

Chilling with the big boys: A remote software developer shares his experiences as a Tunga coder

On the left side of my Zoom screen, a bespectacled Mark Akampurira – a full stack software developer of four years – sits against the backdrop of white walls. He first smiles brightly and then laughs. “Do you mean working for Tunga or in general,” the 26-year-old replies, sounding amused as he leans forward in his seat. “Both,” I reply, and again he laughs.

Why proficiency trumps perfection when building a career in tech

Indeed, the legends are true. Somewhere in this vast cosmos “that someone” resides. All we know is that they are perfection in of itself in the world of software development. Yes, they are everything that you only wished you could be as a software developer in your wildest dream.

Video: Tunga in Lagos, spending quality time with our local devs

In this video, Ernesto & Bart travel to Lagos, Nigeria to spend quality time with the existing Tunga software developers community there, and to host a meetup for aspiring developers.

African talent for sourcing IT professionals

Press release – African tech-talent the solution for IT-professional scarcity

Tunga published a report about sourcing African talent. The countries that are most suitable for finding software developers are discussed.