Ernesto and Kevin with African Youth players and coaches at the FUFA technical centre, Njeru

How football can be a catalyst for the African professional talent pool

This month, in a collaboration with the Federation of Ugandan Football Associations (FUFA), Tunga has trained 40 youth football coaches in Uganda. You might wonder why and how an IT staffing company ventures into football.


How To Win A Global Health Hackathon: MadiroHacks 2022

How To Win A Global Health Hackathon: MadiroHacks 2022

If you had…one shot…one opportunity…and 35 hours to build a project that would improve the services offered by Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHEs) across rural communities, would you capture it or just let it slip?

Why proficiency trumps perfection when building a career in tech

Indeed, the legends are true. Somewhere in this vast cosmos “that someone” resides. All we know is that they are perfection in of itself in the world of software development. Yes, they are everything that you only wished you could be as a software developer in your wildest dream.