Tunga Launches Hackathon Themed – AI Solutions to Help Developers Code Better

BY Bami K · 7 MIN READ

In a world driven by technological innovation, coding is the universal language of progress. It’s the key that unlocks doors to a future limited only by our imagination. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the “AI Solutions to Help Developers Code Better” Hackathon, an event designed to propel the coding community into the future.

For this hackathon, participants are expected to build an AI solution that will help developers code better. In addition, participants will have access to lots of learning resources, guides, workshops, professional assistance, and mentorship from experts in the AI space across Africa.

The Hackathon’s Vision

The vision behind this hackathon is clear: to encourage developers in Africa to embrace AI development and tools. We aim to not only enhance coding proficiency but also to showcase the remarkable talents within Africa’s AI and Machine Learning industry and empower a passionate community of developers. 

We also intend to launch an AI open-source project through this hackathon. This event is more than a competition; it’s a platform for collaboration, learning, and empowerment.


The Power of AI

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping industries and enabling incredible innovations. From personalized recommendations in entertainment and e-commerce to groundbreaking developments in healthcare, finance, and more, AI has shown its potential to revolutionize our world.


Why an AI Hackathon?

Reports have indicated a growing number of developers gravitating toward AI and Machine Learning. These technologies have showcased their transformative potential across various industries. Developers have recognized the power of AI to automate tasks, extract valuable insights from data, and create intelligent systems that adapt and learn.

Staff at the Tunga Hub in Kampala

Event Details

The Theme: “AI Solutions to Help Developers Code Better”

This hackathon’s theme is carefully crafted to reflect our commitment to improving coding practices through AI. We believe that AI can streamline workflows, optimize performance, and drive innovation in the developer community across Africa.

Registration: Starts 16th October 2023.

Duration: 7 weeks

Location: Virtual

Prizes: 3000 Eur Prize Pool:

  • Winner: 2000 Eur
  • 1st Runner Up: 1000 Eur
Who can Participate?

This hackathon is open to all individuals and teams from various backgrounds, including developers, and tech enthusiasts with innovative project ideas.

Note: You can participate alone or in a team with a maximum of 5 members. You can also form a team in the Slack channel after you have been selected.

Hackathon Timeline
  • Week 1 (16th October 2023): Publicity/ Registration Begins.
  • Week 2 & 3 (23rd October – 3rd November 2023 ): AMA sessions and Workshop
  • Week 4 & 5 (6th-17th November 2023): Team formation, Project development, and Mentorship Sessions.
  • Week 6 (20th November 2023): Project submission, Final Pitches, and Judging.
  • Week 7 (27th November 2023): Winner Announcement.
Judging Criteria
  • The project must align with the hackathon theme
  • Projects should have proper implementation and system structure
  • Projects must be well documented
  • Projects will be judged on creativity, usability, code quality, innovativeness, and readiness to market
  • You must share the source code of the projects via github
  • There must be a project presentation at the end of the hackathon



What to Expect

Innovation: Participants will have the chance to innovate and create AI-driven solutions to enhance coding practices.

Collaboration: Developers will collaborate in teams, leveraging their diverse skills to solve real-world challenges.

Learning: Workshops, mentorship, and expert sessions will enhance participants’ skills and knowledge.

Showcasing Talent: The hackathon will offer a global stage to demonstrate AI and Machine Learning prowess.

Prizes:  Up to 3000 Euros cash winning prize and other incentives rewards await the top-performing teams, recognizing their dedication and creativity.


Key Highlights:


Duration: The hackathon will span for seven weeks, featuring various stages and activities.

Team Formation: Participants will collaborate in groups of 5 passionate developers, fostering teamwork and diverse thinking.

Mentorship and Workshops: Experienced mentors will guide participants, and workshops will enrich their knowledge.

Project Presentations and Judging: Projects will be evaluated by a panel of experienced professionals.

Post-Event Activities: Winners will be announced, feedback collected, and a comprehensive report will be documented to showcase the event’s impact. In addition to this, the launch of an AI open-source project will commence where developers can keep building and contributing.

How to Get Involved

If you’re a developer looking to explore the power of AI, a mentor with valuable insights to share, or an organization seeking to support innovation, this hackathon welcomes your involvement. Stay tuned for registration details on our website

Official Hackathon Hashtag
  • #TungaHackathon23
  • #TungaAIHackathon23
  • #CodeBetterWithAI

For more information checkout watch the recording of our twitter space featuring our CEO Ernesto, where he answers all of your questions.


The “AI Solutions to Help Developers Code Better” Hackathon is your chance to embark on a transformative journey of innovation, learning, and community building. Together, we will reshape the way we code, embracing the potential of AI to unlock new possibilities.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey. Let’s redefine the boundaries of AI and coding, together.

Stay tuned for other updates and get ready to code better with AI!