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Staff augmentation - Tunga

Staff augmentation

Trouble finding IT talent in your local market? Africa’s got talent…

Many of our clients struggle to find and keep high quality software engineers in their local market. With Tunga you can flexibly hire individual engineers to add to your organisation. We guide you throughout the process: match, onboard and support.

Once you’ve found your match with one of the candidates we’ve provided you with, he or she will become part of your team, working as a remote developer from wherever they are based in Africa. While you manage the developer(s) directly, we take care of all the infrastructure, legal and administrative matters, and even training and career development.

Tunga's African headquarters in Kampala, Uganda

Talent Pool

New talent applies to join our platform everyday. We currently have over 350 developers in the pool, from 24 African countries. To be able to join our pool, the candidates need to pass tests that cover not only their technical skills, but also a number of soft skills tests like communication and situational awareness.


Once you have provided us with the profile you are looking for we start a matching process among the developers in our pool. It usually takes us up to 4 days to present you a shortlist of 3 candidate profiles, including CV and test scores. When we don’t have available candidates in our pool, we do an out-of-platform search, which generally takes about 14 days. Based on your preferences we organize interviews and when desired we do additional tests.


The moment you have chosen a candidate we will send you a formal proposal. We have flexible arrangements ranging from part-time and temporary 4 hour contracts to full-time open ended contracts. The first month you are assigned a talent manager who stays on top of things, organizing a joint kick off meeting, consulting both you and the developer, and generally ensuring that things take off smoothly.


Once the collaboration has taken off, the talent manager checks in regularly with both you and the developer. Either by means of a short survey or by calling/mailing. If an issue arises, the talent manager is there to troubleshoot and ensure that continuity of your assignment is guaranteed.


Benefits of hiring dedicated developers at Tunga

> Flexible access to experienced developers

> Ability to predict costs

> Direct link between you and the developer

> Tailored matching process

> Commitment and continuity

Frequently asked questions

Can I hire developers part-time via Tunga?
Yes. You can hire 1 developer for a minimum of 4 hours per week. Or you can hire a complete team of 10+ developers full time. And everything in between!

What technologies and frameworks are your developers skilled in?
We have almost any software skill available in our talent pool of 350 experienced developers from 24 African countries. And if not, we can source someone for you from the 690.000 professional developers active on the African continent.

What are the costs for hiring a dedicated developer through Tunga?
Our standard rate is EUR 26,- per hour for an advanced developer. Our lowest rate is EUR 22,- for a junior developer and our top rate is EUR 36,- for an expert tech lead. Depending on the length of the commitment and the number of developers you hire, we can provide you with a discount.

Staff augmentation

Augment your software team with 1 or more experienced developers within days. Flexible contracts and arrangements.

Dedicated teams

Build a team of remote developers in Africa. Choose from over 350 vetted IT professionals from 24 African countries.

Managed teams

Let us run your software project for you. We can help you professionally manage your entire software development lifecycle.