Tunga Joins the New Design Hub in Kampala, Uganda

BY Tunga · 3 MIN READ

This month Tunga joins the Dutch Design Mission to Uganda. The mission evolves around the newly founded Design Hub Kampala (DHK). A number of Dutch and Ugandan companies have worked together intensively this week on projects for both Dutch and Ugandan clients. Some of them are major multinational companies. The mission’s initiators are DHK and the Dutch Embassy. Its goal is to explore the potential to use Dutch Design expertise and technology to strengthen the creative sector in Uganda.

Unique facility in East-Africa

DHK will open officially on March 1st, 2017. And will become a major hub for design-related companies. Its goal is to create economic value with the many creative skills that are already available in Uganda. But that is so far underutilized in the economic sector.

DHK intends to boost the competitiveness of Ugandan businesses across the spectrum. It will do so by introducing ‘design thinking,’ facilitating knowledge exchange, and creating a physical hub. Better design in fields like software, branding, packaging, fashion, and architecture will empower Ugandan businesses. For example, it will help them to become more competitive in the international marketplace.

Tunga, Uganda and DHK

Our world is increasingly being designed and then built in digital environments. Therefore, it’s only natural for Tunga to join the DHK. “We think DHK has the potential to become the beating heart of offline and online innovation in Uganda.”, says Tunga founder Ernesto Spruyt. “Tunga promotes Ugandan software developers on the international market. As a result, we see don’t only see DHK as a suitable workspace for our community. But also as a perfect location to network, learn and organize meetups and training sessions.”

Coinciding with the Design Mission, the Tunga team is together in Kampala. During this week, we will work on the strategy together, onboard new team members, and organize several sessions for the Tunga community of software developers. Spruyt: “We are a distributed organization. Therefore, it is very important that from time to time, we get together and spend quality time. And our team and community are growing quickly. So it can be a challenge to onboard new members. That, together with the Design Mission, is why we’re here this week. And it is an amazingly productive trip so far.”

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