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Managed teams - Tunga

Managed teams

Don’t have the capacity or expertise to build software in your organization? We do!

Many of our clients do not have a background in software product development. Some do, but have an organization that is not ready for undertaking software projects. Next to providing you with a team of qualified software engineers, we can set you up with an experienced senior project manager, who can lead your software project for you.

In this construction, you have one focal point: the project manager. You manage the project manager, who in turn manages the team and the work. All the peripheral matters like payments, taxes, HR policies and technical infrastructure are taken care of by Tunga.


The Scoping Phase

Setting up the managed team usually starts with an investigation of your exact needs: the scoping phase. In this phase, we help you formulate the concrete requirements and desired end results of the project. And turn them into a planning and cost estimation.

The Project Manager

The project manager will be responsible for executing the project as specified in the scoping document. If you would like to change the scope, it can be coordinated with the project manager. He will take care of all operational matters for you.

The Team

Assembling your team will be done by the project manager based on the requirements that were identified in the scoping phase. Skills and time will be allocated to fit the project’s needs as exactly as possible.

The Process

All our managed teams follow agile methodology, using all common modern tooling for distributed software development like Github, Slack, Jira, Zoom, etc. The project will be planned in 2-3 week sprints, that include Quality Assurance (QA), performed by our internal separate QA team.


Benefits of outsourcing team management to Tunga

> Dedicated project manager

> Short lead time from inquiry to start

> Predictable costs

> Flexible project planning

> Quality Assurance included

Frequently asked questions

Is the project manager a freelancer?
No. The project manager is always someone who is working full time for Tunga and who is proven successful on running projects and teams in a distributed and international setting.

Who is responsible for the end-product?
Both the project managers and the software team managers become part of your organization. So ultimately, you are responsible for the end-project and making sure that the project manager is accountable for executing the project properly. If you are not satisfied with his or the team’s performance, you can let us know and we’ll work with you on a solution.

What are the costs for outsourcing team management to Tunga?
You are billed monthly for the allocated (=previously approved by you) hours of the project manager and the team in that month. That includes any allocated hours for the scoping phase. A project manager costs EUR 45,- per hour, the standard rate for a developer is EUR 26,- per hour.

Staff augmentation

Augment your software team with 1 or more experienced developers within days. Flexible contracts and arrangements.

Dedicated teams

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Managed teams

Let us run your software project for you. We can help you professionally manage your entire software development lifecycle.