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Managed team for Niluk - Tunga

Managed team for Niluk

The Client

Niluk is a startup company that has built an app to address the issue of loneliness and social isolation with the motto “It’s not what you have in life, but who“. The app is engineered to keep you in this alternate universe as short as possible, in contrast to other networks which are designed to keep us addicted and on our phones. This unique platform key features include no algorithms but gives you the option to pre-filter connections based on your own common interests and proximity. Niluk made a lightweight UX to connect users to new members of their local community whether they are at home or in a new country. So everyone can reclaim their right to experience a feeling of belonging no matter where they are in the world.

The Challenge

Niluk founder Elena Köstler was in the middle of a project when her lead developer left the company. She turned to Tunga to take over the project and to bring it to a good end within scope and deadline.

Ronald Nyakahuma, at the time project manager for Niluk

The Solution

Tunga mobilized a truly pan-African managed services team for Niluk. The team consisted of a Ugandan project manager in the person of Ronald Nyakahuma, and 3 developers from Nigeria and Egypt. The app was built to work for both iOS and Android, using React Native.

“A match made in heaven!”

Tunga has been working on the development of the Niluk app since the beginning of this year. Niluk is a mobile app to combat loneliness. Elena Köstler, the founder of Niluk, explains.

Part-time dedicated developer for Provolve IT

The core business of Provolve IT is to help companies repackage, virtualize, migrate and deploy their critical software applications. Next to providing the human resources to do so, they have developed a product to help system managers to save a lot of time: Easy Software Deployment. Since 2018 Tunga’s Amos Walugembe is working on this.

Dedicated managed team for PortPay

PortPay is a system to make marinas and port facilities more efficient and profitable. The system consists of several hardware components, a web application and a mobile app. Tunga has developed several front-end projects and products for PortPay and is now running a permanent (remote) software team for them.