Find answers to common questions about Tunga and working as a Tunga software developer.

Getting a job via Tunga

  • I have expressed my interest in a role, what can I expect?

    After expressing interest in a role, you should expect feedback from the Talent team within a couple of days. However, once we introduce you to a client, we have limited influence on the decision making process. Some clients need more time to decide whether or not to hire someone. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

  • How to get a first job on the platform?

    Ensure your profile is fully updated. If you're having difficulty finding your first job on Tunga, don't worry. You can reach out to our Talent team for personalized feedback and tips to help you succeed.

  • Alternative ways to apply for a job?

    Yes! Jobs are shared via our private slack channels. Being an active member of the community allows you to receive and apply opportunities that suit you.

  • Minimum requirements

    Once admitted to Tunga, there are no minimum requirements to apply for a job. However, in the opportunity, specific requirements may be included, along with the necessary tests.

  • How to apply for a job?

    When logged into work.tunga.io, click the "Apply" button. Our Talent team will review your profile and test results, and may ask you to complete additional tests to determine your fit for the opportunity. If your application is successful, you may be introduced to the client for an interview. If the client selects you, our Sales team will assist you in preparing for the opportunity.

  • How to get work?

    It is important to complete your Tunga profile. Based on your profile, you will receive email notifications about interesting opportunities. You can also view all opportunities on our private Slack or work.tunga.io.

Getting started with Tunga

  • How long does it take to get land my first job on Tunga?

    Some developers get jobs within their first month but for others it might take longer. Focusing on what you can control, like ensuring you have a complete and attractive profile while taking part in community events increases your chances of securing an opportunity.

  • How can one become more successful on the platform?

    The biggest impact you can make yourself is: 1) Having an updated and complete profile with a good picture 2) Completing all additional tests to showcase your skills 3) Being an active member of the community on slack and using our Academy and other events to broaden your knowledge.

  • I just got access to the Tunga platform, what next?

    It is important you complete your online profile. You will receive the best opportunities based on your profile strength.

Joining the Tunga platform

  • How do I invite a fellow developer to join Tunga?

    We always welcome new developers to Tunga! You can use this link to refer to an experienced developer in your community.

  • What is Tunga?

    Tunga helps African software engineers navigate and build successful international tech careers. We are on a journey to unleash Africa’s tech talent and we do this by connecting developers within Africa to businesses looking for agile and reliable software teams across the world.


  • What is the Tech Impact Academy and why was it created

    The Tech Impact Academy is an innovative platform designed for African software developers seeking experiential learning. It provides a variety of courses, resources, and mentorship opportunities aimed at empowering aspiring developers to excel in their careers. Established to tackle the "missing middle" in the African developer pipeline, this initiative recognizes that many individuals in Africa possess foundational technical skills but lack practical experience and mentorship. Consequently, the Academy aims to bridge this gap by offering accessible, top-tier education and mentorship, fostering a new generation of skilled and experienced African software developers.

  • Are applications open for anyone in Africa?

    Please note that Ugandan and Nigerian residents have priority. However, residents from other African countries are also welcome to apply as paid participants.

  • What if I miss a training session?

    All training sessions are mandatory to attend. However, if for any reason you are unable to make a session, please communicate this to the trainer(s) in advance. You will need to make sure to catch up soon by completing the assignments related to the session. Please note that your attendance rate is a criteria for graduation.

  • Are the training sessions provided online or is physical attendance required?

    All training is offered online and can be done remotely.

  • Do I have a chance to get a scholarship?

    We only have a limited number of scholarships available and those will be granted based on a number of criteria, country of residence (Uganda or Nigeria), employment status and level of experience being key.

  • What resources does the Tech Impact Academy offer?

    The Tech Impact Academy offers specialised tracks covering a selection of high in-demand programming languages and technologies. It also provides mentorship from experienced African software developers who can provide guidance and feedback on coding projects, access to a community of fellow learners and developers, and job and internship opportunities with partner companies looking for skilled African developers.

  • How is the Tech Impact Academy different from other online learning platforms?

    The Tech Impact Academy is specifically designed for African software developers, with a focus on providing practical, experienced-based learning opportunities. It also offers mentorship from experienced African software developers, as well as job and internship opportunities with partner companies looking for skilled African developers.

  • Who can join the Tech Impact Academy?

    The Tech Impact Academy is built for aspiring African software developers who are committed to developing themselves and looking for international job opportunities but do not currently have the skills or experience to enter the international market. Note that Ugandan and Nigerian residents have priority. However, residents from other African countries are also welcome to apply as paid participants.

  • Why was the Tech Impact Academy created?

    The Tech Impact Academy was created to address the "missing middle" in the African developer pipeline. Many aspiring developers in Africa have the basic technical skills but lack the practical experience and mentorship they need to take their skills to the next level. The Tech Impact Academy aims to bridge this gap by providing accessible, high-quality education and mentorship to create a new breed of experienced African software developers.

  • What is the Tech Impact Academy?

    The Tech Impact Academy is an experienced-based learning platform for African software developers, offering a range of courses, resources and mentorship opportunities to help aspiring developers succeed.

Working as a Tunga engineer

  • Is Tunga a freelance job sourcing platform?

    No, experienced developers love Tunga because jobs on Tunga are usually fulltime and dedicated to companies around the world. In contrast to conventional gigs Tunga helps you build your career working with global teams to develop great solutions. Our closely knit developer community helps developers build their network and expand their expertise.

  • What can I expect from a career perspective?

    At Tunga, we are passionate about connecting African youths with cool 21st century jobs that are challenging, exciting, and provide learning opportunities. Our mission is to connect talented software developers from Africa with tech companies around the globe. We believe that Tunga is not just a place to find employment, but a place where you can grow and thrive as a professional. Our assignments with clients provide valuable learning experiences that can help you develop your skills and succeed in your career. We are committed to supporting and empowering you to reach your full potential.

  • Are there any part-time jobs in Tunga

    The majority of the jobs at Tunga are full-time, but there are some clients who look for developers to join their team part-time.

  • What is the work culture like?

    We understand that work culture can vary between companies you get placed with. That's why we carefully select and trust the companies we work with to provide a professional and flexible work culture that values your time and personal life. We want you to feel comfortable and supported while you work.