How to Attract the Right Developers by Acing your Job Description

In this post, we will cover four essential ingredients that constitute a good job and profile description: technical requirements, cultural and team fit, learning curve, and defining seniority. When organizations utilize these elements, they not only save time and effort in the hiring process but also ensure that candidates who apply are not only qualified but also seamless cultural fits.


50 Outstanding African Women in Tech

50 Outstanding African Women in Tech

This curated list of 50 African women taking the bull by the horns and running innovative tech startups aligns with International Women’s Day 2023’s mission. This list features women on a quest to shape an entire ecosystem in their own unique way.

These women are actively driving some of the most exciting and significant technological changes as founders or co-founders of startups, venture capitalists, top executives, and CEOs.

We hope you’ll be inspired to take action, learn more about these women, and get involved in the tech industry yourself. Let’s dive into the stories of these 50 outstanding African women in tech!