Video: Advanced female coding classes started by Tunga

Video: Advanced female coding classes started by Tunga

BY Tunga

We are proud to announce that together with Kampabits we are providing an advanced coding course to 15 girls. Our goal is to promote diversity within Tunga and in the tech ecosystem.

Tunga has started a women-only software development course in Uganda

Globally 17% of software engineers are women. In Africa this percentage is 2%. Tunga starts “women in tech” coding classes to increase this.

Tunga joins the new Design Hub in Kampala, Uganda

Tunga joins Design Hub Kampala (Uganda) that will open officially on March 1st 2017. DHK has the potential to become the beating heart of offline and online innovation in East-Africa.

Video: Why Tunga is important according to CTO David Semakula

David, CTO at Tunga, explains that the local market in Uganda doesn’t offer modern technology and doesn’t apply to the skills of African developers.