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Why Tunga is important according to David - Tunga

Why Tunga is important according to David


Tunga bridges the gap between African developers and developers in, for instance, Amsterdam. David, CTO at Tunga, explains that the local market in Uganda doesn’t offer modern technology and doesn’t apply to the skills of African developers.

However knowing that there is an international platform like Tunga, that offers them financial opportunities, makes the local developers community eager to learn more and proud to use their skills.

‘From grocery shop to tech career’

His mom owns and manages a grocery shop in Kampala, but the Ugandan Amos Walugembe had his heart set on a career in tech. Then, in 2017 Tunga crossed his path.

“I like doing the hard stuff” ~ interview with Tunga CTO David Semakula

In the latest episode of our video series (4m) Ernesto visits Kampala to meet an investor. And David explains what it is like to be CTO of Tunga.

Tech for good: will Impact Sourcing be the new Fair Trade?

It seems that technology can enable positive social impacts that far outreach the possibilities of the traditional Fair Trade system.