Your IT career in Africa - Tunga Dev Hour with CEO Ernesto Spruyt

How to Crack the Code to Working Remote [Tunga Dev Hour]

Building your career in Africa as a software developer for European or North American clients has excellent benefits. But how do you get there? Check out this episode of Tunga Dev Hour.

Tech talent sourcing in Africa

Research: Africa offers Attractive Tech Talent Sourcing Options

Global sourcing of tech talent from African countries has taken a flight. IT-staffing company Tunga now published a research report about sourcing software developers from Africa.

Tech talent sourcing in Africa

African Software Developers: Best Countries for Sourcing in 2023

This research article describes in detail which countries are most suitable for sourcing African software developers and why.

23 Resources to Closely Follow the African Tech Sector

African Tech in Focus: 23 Resources to Closely Follow This Sector

A lot is happening in African tech. This blog aims to give an overview of resources that give insight into the African technology sector.