Dedicated team

Setting up your dedicated team can be done quick and easy

Some of our clients start out with 1 part time developer and organically grow an entire team. But others need to set up a full fledged team at once from scratch. With Tunga, both are possible.

Hiring a dedicated team through Tunga means we provide you with the best available developers from the African continent. Subsequently, they become part of your organization. After that, as you manage the team directly, we take care of the rest. For example administrative and legal matters, suitable working conditions and career management.


Matching dedicated team members

Based on your briefing we present you a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for each position. In addition, we help you carry out interviews and – if applicable – additional tests. After that, once you’ve picked your team, we make sure all formalities are dealt with quickly.

Remote vs distributed

With remote, the developers work at a distance from the company, but sit together as a team. On the other hand, in a distributed team the members all work from a different location. With Tunga both are possible. In addition, if desired we can provide your team with physical office space. And in any case, we make sure all team members have access to proper hardware and internet connection.


Starting with a new dedicated team is always an exciting moment. And more so when the team is remote or distributed. We make sure that you have checked all the boxes for a successful collaboration and help you get started with checklists, tooling, process and a joint kick-off meeting.


After that we will monitor how things are going. So that we can intervene and support where necessary. All our developers fill in daily mini-surveys. And you as a client are asked to rate the collaboration every other week. This helps us to stay on top of things and guarantee your operational quality and continuity.


Benefits of setting up a dedicated software team in Africa

> Flexibly scale your team up or down

> Keep costs in check

> Directly manage your team without middle-man

> Custom recruiting included

> All peripheral matters taken care of for you

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up my team from scratch?
Of course this depends on the size of the team and the scarcity of the skills you require. But generally it takes between 3 and 5 weeks.

Where will my dedicated team be located?
This depends on whether having the dedicated team work from the same location is a hard requirement for you. If not, the team members are working from a location of their choice; usually a coworking space, the local Tunga office or a home office. If yes, we can set up office space in the city or country where we can find the most suitable candidates for you.

How much does it cost to set up my team?
Setting up your dedicated team is a complimentary service that we provide at no extra costs. That is to say, you only pay for the hours the developers are allocated to you (standard rate EUR 27,- per hour). And optionally for the rental of the office space (including power and internet).