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Quality time in Nigeria - Tunga

Quality time in Nigeria


With a network of over 250 developers in Uganda, Nigeria and Egypt it’s important for Tunga management to keep in touch. In this video, Ernesto & Bart travel to Lagos, Nigeria to spend quality time with the existing Tunga software developers community there, and to host a meetup for aspiring developers.


Tunga in Egypt

In this vlog, Bart talks about the great dynamics that arise when bringing developers, with different backgrounds, together.

“I like doing the hard stuff” ~ interview with Tunga CTO David Semakula

In the latest episode of our video series (4m) Ernesto visits Kampala to meet an investor. And David explains what it is like to be CTO of Tunga.

Company Culture at Tunga

In this vlog Ernesto explains how he creates a strong culture in Tunga where people can be independent, are in a position of strength and where there is room for fun.