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Company Culture at Tunga - Tunga

Company Culture at Tunga


Why being stuck in the mud and watching gorillas together are good for a company’s culture. In this vlog Ernesto explains how he creates a strong culture in Tunga where people can be independent, are in a position of strength and where there is room for fun.

Quality time in Nigeria

In this video, Ernesto & Bart travel to Lagos, Nigeria to spend quality time with the existing Tunga software developers community there, and to host a meetup for aspiring developers.

Cultural relativism is the death of your company…

Dealing with different cultures is ingrained in the way Tunga works. Here are three things that we have found to work over the years.

Lessons I’ve learned of working with remote software developers from Africa

One year ago, I moved to Uganda. It has been the year in which I have learned the most. Let me try here to share the lessons of working with remote software developers from Africa.