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Dedicated managed team for PortPay - Tunga

Dedicated managed team for PortPay

The Client

PortPay is a system to make marinas and port facilities more efficient and profitable. The system consists of several hardware components, a web application and a mobile app. Hardware components include a reader, a digital vignette, cameras and sensors. The system can be used to manage water traffic in port environments, making them more operationally efficient, enhance security and introduce new and/or better monetization options.

The Challenge

Tunga has developed several frontend projects/products for PortPay. Until recently, Tunga has scoped projects as they come in, often with tight deadlines. The challenge was to create a collaboration form that would give PortPay maximum flexibility and control over the costs, while enabling Tunga to ensure the quality of work and being able to move forward quickly once the projects were approved by the client.

Elijah Atuhaire, dedicated project manager for PortPay

The Solution

In july 2020, to streamline the workflow Tunga started to work with a monthly retainer. The advantage here is that no time is lost with formal approval rounds and the Project Manager from Tunga is dedicated for PortPay and thus is able to respond quicker and more efficiently. Tunga’s project manager Elijah Atuhaire (Uganda) is managing the developers in the team and is responsible for the planning and backlog.

Together with PortPay, a backlog is created and prioritized before each sprint. PortPay marks which projects/features need to be added to the backlog and they will be estimated in conjunction with Tunga. The final decision which items to work on is with PortPay. Port Pay receives a status report every four weeks, stating the number of hours spent and items delivered by the Tunga team.

Dedicated team for rb2

rb2 wanted to diversify their developer pool into other geographical areas. They were enthusiastic about Africa, because there is still a lot of talent available, it is roughly in the same timezone as The Netherlands and in many countries English is the official language. They chose to work with Tunga to ensure quality and continuity.

Dedicated developers for MindRight

MindRight is a US-based technology company that aims to make mental health support radically accessible and inclusive. It provides daily coaching via text messaging. Two Tunga developers in Nigeria work fulltime for them using MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js) stack for the web application. 

Managed team for Niluk

Niluk founder Elena Köstler was in the middle of a project when her lead developer left the company. She turned to Tunga to take over the project and to bring it to a good end within scope and deadline. Niluk app aims to combat loneliness and works on both Android and iOS.