Part-time dedicated developer for Provolve IT

The Client: Provolve IT

The core business of Provolve IT is to help companies repackage, virtualize, migrate and deploy their critical software applications. Next to providing the human resources to do so, they have developed a product to help system managers to save a lot of time: Easy Software Deployment.

The Challenge for Provolve IT

The company’s main activity involves placement of professionals with client companies. So it wanted to hire a self-starting developer that could work independently for 20 hours per week to gradually bring the product to the next level. They were looking for a solution that was affordable. And that was also scalable. Having trouble finding suitable solution and candidates on the local Dutch market, Provolve IT turned to Tunga.

Amos Walugembe, dedicated developer for Provolve IT

The Solution

Provolve IT found the costs and scalability of our proposition very attractive. In addition, they also appreciated the positive impact Tunga intends to make for African youths. After all, Easy Software Deployment is a very important product for the client. Therefore they were looking for a partner that would treat it with the same affection as they do themselves.

The matching and onboarding process were both done very quickly. As a result, within a few weeks Amos Walugembe was fully operational for Provolve IT. And has been ever since! “Everyone in our virtual office is super enthusiastic about Amos!”

Managed team for Niluk

Niluk founder Elena Köstler was in the middle of a project when her lead developer left the company. She turned to Tunga to take over the project and to bring it to a good end within scope and deadline. Niluk app aims to combat loneliness and works on both Android and iOS.

Dedicated managed team for PortPay

PortPay makes marinas and port facilities more efficient and profitable. The system consists of several hardware components, a web application and a mobile app. Tunga has developed several front-end projects and products for PortPay. Now we are running a permanent (remote) software team for them.

Dedicated developers for MindRight

MindRight is a US-based technology company. It aims to make mental health support radically accessible and inclusive. To do so, MindRight provides daily coaching via text messaging. Two Tunga developers in Nigeria work fulltime for them using MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js) stack for the web application.