Dedicated developers for beeproger

The Client: beeproger

beeproger is a Dutch-based company that specializes in improving internal processes by creating custom software regarding web apps, mobile apps, and API connections. Their motto is: “We drive your innovation”. beeproger has partnered with transport companies, Dutch government campaigns, logistic companies, and many others.


The Challenge for beeproger

By now, everyone knows that digitization is becoming increasingly important throughout the world. And certainly, in recent years, accelerated by COVID-19, it has become clear how important a well-designed digital process is. Therefore, the people at beeproger work with passion on digital solutions for the problems of their customers. They do this with a strong team of project managers, designers, and developers. However, the latter is not always easy to find in the Netherlands. The challenge for beeproger was to find talented developers who are just as passionate about their job as beeproger is

The Solution

beeproger found Tunga a couple of years ago while looking for motivated Ionic and React developers.

“After a long search to find a party that works at the same quality level as we do, we met Tunga.”

beeproger started the cooperation and the developers immediately felt part of the team. Every morning they participate in the daily stand-up, the moment when all developers meet with the project manager and discuss what all current projects are. This is done at beeproger’s office, and everyone who works from home calls in, including the developers from Africa.
You may now be wondering what this means for their customers because a team consisting of employees spread over different continents can sound a bit abstract. And yet nothing changes for their clients. Because they have been working much more remotely in recent years, and already have ample experience within beeproger with managing teams online.

beeproger currently has several projects underway where Tunga developers are strengthening the team. They are noticing that expansion to an international team is helping them with further development in various areas, and beeproger states:

“As we look to the future, we increasingly see the importance of expanding and diversifying our teams. With larger and more diverse teams, we can help our customers even better in creating digital solutions.”

Managed team for Niluk

Niluk founder Elena Köstler was in the middle of a project when her lead developer left the company. She turned to Tunga to take over the project and to bring it to a good end within scope and deadline. Niluk app aims to combat loneliness and works on both Android and iOS.

Dedicated managed team for PortPay

PortPay makes marinas and port facilities more efficient and profitable. The system consists of several hardware components, a web application and a mobile app. Tunga has developed several front-end projects and products for PortPay. Now we are running a permanent (remote) software team for them.

Dedicated developers for MindRight

MindRight is a US-based technology company. It aims to make mental health support radically accessible and inclusive. To do so, MindRight provides daily coaching via text messaging. Two Tunga developers in Nigeria work fulltime for them using MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js) stack for the web application.