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On our blog we document our journey to unleash Africa’s tech talent. So here you can find insights in the global staff augmentation market and info about Africa as a source of offshore software development. In addition, there's lot of data on topics like software developers salaries. Further, you can find updates about our free software development courses and coding tests. And background posts about Tunga and the people behind it.

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African Tech in focus: 23 Resources to Closely Follow this Sector

A lot is happening in African tech. This blog aims to give an overview of resources that give insight into the African technology sector.

Youth unemployment in Africa: it’s not about aid, but economics

BNR Radio invited Tunga CEO Ernesto Spruyt to discuss what role European companies can play in addressing youth unemployment in Africa.

How Gaspedaal Used African Software Developers To Build Their New App

Struggling to find good software developers in their home market, leading Dutch car search engine Gaspedaal turned to African developers to build their new iOS and Android apps.


IT Staff Augmentation 2021 report: a comprehensive overview

This report gives a comprehensive overview of what IT staff augmentation is, how it is best organized and what countries are attractive for IT augmentation services.


African Software Developers: Best Countries for Sourcing in 2021

This research article describes in detail which countries are most suitable for sourcing African software developers and why.

Tech for good: will Impact Sourcing be the new Fair Trade?

It seems that technology can enable “impact sourcing” in a way that far outreaches the possibilities of the traditional Fair Trade system.

Looking for Python developers? Here’s an unexpected pool you might not know about yet

Looking for Python developers? There is a robust developer community in East Africa, among which Python and Django are quite popular.

African Tech Roundup: 6 quotes on sourcing developers in Africa

Tunga CEO Ernesto Spruyt was on the African Tech Roundup podcast to talk about how Tunga is helping to unlock Africa’s tech talent potential. Here are six of the most outstanding quotes.

Remote work: everyone is talking about it, but is it really happening?

People aren’t just searching more of remote work, they actually prefer it. We would take a bet that 8 out of 10 folks will choose to work from home or wherever else they want.

Tunga joins the new Design Hub in Kampala, Uganda

Tunga joins Design Hub Kampala (Uganda) that will open officially on March 1st 2017. DHK has the potential to become the beating heart of offline and online innovation in East-Africa.

Press release – African tech-talent the solution for IT-professional scarcity

Tunga published a report about sourcing African talent. The countries that are most suitable for finding software developers are discussed.

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