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On our blog we document our journey to unleash Africa’s tech talent. So here you can find insights in the global staff augmentation market and info about Africa as a source of offshore software development. In addition, there's lot of data on topics like software developers salaries. Further, you can find updates about our free software development courses and coding tests. And background posts about Tunga and the people behind it.

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Company culture: how we mimic footballclub Ajax

Our company culture is heavily inspired by football legend Johan Cruyff. So often we ask one simple question: what if we were Ajax?

Example of cultural relativism in business: 3 approaches that work

At Tunga we encounter examples of cultural relativism everyday. Here are three things that we have found to work over the years.

Well-designed user research is a big success – tips & tricks from Tunga

User research: how can you get the assurance that you are looking for, but maintain the flexibility needed for software development to actually work.


IT Staff Augmentation 2021 report: a comprehensive overview

This report gives a comprehensive overview of what IT staff augmentation is, how it is best organized and what countries are attractive for IT augmentation services.


African Software Developers: Best Countries for Sourcing in 2021

This research article describes in detail which countries are most suitable for sourcing African software developers and why.

Niluk app built by Tunga devs: “A match made in heaven!”

Tunga has been working on the development of the Niluk app since the beginning of this year. Niluk is a mobile app to combat loneliness. Elena Köstler, the founder of Niluk, explains.

300 remote software engineers: how we manage them at Tunga

“When you’re working with more than 300 developers across Africa, you spent a lot of time onboarding remote software engineers on different projects and for different clients.”

“Face to face not always better. It’s all about teamwork.”

“I thought this was the major downside of outsourcing; that you need face to face contact to truly understand each other. Guess I was wrong.” Insights by Tunga COO Reinier.

FairTrade software: how our story took off in the Dutch media

Het Parool was the first Dutch media outlet to write about Tunga this year in a piece about FairTrade Software. It was soon picked up by others.

Tunga has started a women-only software development course in Uganda

Globally 17% of software engineers are women. In Africa this percentage is 2%. Tunga starts “women in tech” coding classes to increase this.

Reinier van Scherpenzeel new operations director at Tunga

Since january 2019 this year Reinier van Scherpenzeel (32) is based in Kampala as our new Operations Director.


Video: Tunga in Lagos, spending quality time with our local devs

In this video, Ernesto & Bart travel to Lagos, Nigeria to spend quality time with the existing Tunga software developers community there, and to host a meetup for aspiring developers.


Video: Tunga meetup at the Greek Campus in Egypt

In this vlog, Bart talks about the great dynamics that arise when bringing developers, with different backgrounds, together.


Video: CEO Ernesto Spruyt about the company culture within Tunga

In this video Ernesto explains how in the Tunga culture people can be independent, in their strength and have room for fun.


Video: Why Tunga is important according to CTO David Semakula

David, CTO at Tunga, explains that the local market in Uganda doesn’t offer modern technology and doesn’t apply to the skills of African developers.


Video: Tunga meets an investor and CTO David about his role

In the latest episode of our video series (4m) Ernesto visits Kampala to meet an investor. And David explains what it is like to be CTO of Tunga.


Video: Challenges and opportunities in the IT sector of East Africa

Tunga has started a series of short vlogs to illustrate our adventures in Europe and Africa. In this edition: our recap of the East Africa Business Dialogue hosted by the Dutch government.


African Tech in focus: 23 Resources to Closely Follow this Sector

A lot is happening in African tech. This blog aims to give an overview of resources that give insight into the African technology sector.


How Gaspedaal Used African Software Developers To Build Their New App

Struggling to find good software developers in their home market, leading Dutch car search engine Gaspedaal turned to African developers to build their new iOS and Android apps.


Tech for good: will Impact Sourcing be the new Fair Trade?

It seems that technology can enable “impact sourcing” in a way that far outreaches the possibilities of the traditional Fair Trade system.

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