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On our blog we document our journey to unleash Africa’s tech talent. Here you can find insights in the global staff augmentation market. Info about Africa as a source of offshore software development. Data on software developers salaries. Updates about our free software development courses and coding tests. And background posts about Tunga and the people behind it.

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Renowned newspaper Het Parool interviews Ernesto Spruyt and David Semakula

ICT as Fair Trade 2.0: personnel shortage solved with help from Africa. The Dutch newspaper Het Parool recently opened a great article about Tunga with that heading.

Women in tech course at Tunga

We are proud to announce that together with Kampabits we are providing an advanced coding course to 15 girls. Our goal is to promote diversity within Tunga and in the tech ecosystem.

Quality time in Nigeria

In this video, Ernesto & Bart travel to Lagos, Nigeria to spend quality time with the existing Tunga software developers community there, and to host a meetup for aspiring developers.


African Software Developers: Best Countries for Sourcing in 2021

This research article describes in detail which countries are most suitable for sourcing African software developers and why.


23 Resources to Closely Follow the African Tech Sector in 2018

This blog aims to give an overview of resources that give insight into the African tech sector.

Tunga in Egypt

In this vlog, Bart talks about the great dynamics that arise when bringing developers, with different backgrounds, together.

Company Culture at Tunga

In this vlog Ernesto explains how he creates a strong culture in Tunga where people can be independent, are in a position of strength and where there is room for fun.

Why Tunga is important according to David

David, CTO at Tunga, explains that the local market in Uganda doesn’t offer modern technology and doesn’t apply to the skills of African developers.

“We have an extraordinary story, but we also deliver a good product”

Tunga founder Ernesto Spruyt talks to the leading Dutch radio station BNR on why he focuses on the African continent.

“I like doing the hard stuff” ~ interview with Tunga CTO David Semakula

In the latest episode of our video series (4m) Ernesto visits Kampala to meet an investor. And David explains what it is like to be CTO of Tunga.

“Many challenges but also many opportunities in IT sector of East Africa”

Tunga has started a series of short vlogs to illustrate our adventures in Europe and Africa. In this edition: our recap of the East Africa Business Dialogue hosted by the Dutch government.


The Top 17 Most In-Demand Software Skills for 2018

We’ve taken a dive into the numbers and have made an educated guess of what software development skills will be most in demand for the upcoming year.


How Gaspedaal Used African Software Developers To Build Their New App

Struggling to find good software developers in their home market, leading Dutch car search engine Gaspedaal turned to African developers to build their new iOS and Android apps.


Tech for good: will Impact Sourcing be the new Fair Trade?

It seems that technology can enable positive social impacts that far outreach the possibilities of the traditional Fair Trade system.


Looking for Python developers? Here’s an unexpected pool you might not know about yet

It turned out that not only is there a robust community of skilled software developers in East Africa, but also that a disproportionate part of them is skilled in Python and Django.


Remote work: everyone is talking about it, but is it really happening?

People aren’t just searching more of remote work, they actually prefer it. We would take a bet that 8 out of 10 folks will choose to work from home or wherever else they want.

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