Improve and test your coding skills with Tunga

Tunga offers you an opportunity to improve your programming knowledge, coding fundamentals, critical thinking and problem solving ability as you take the technological world by storm through the Tunga Academy and an opportunity to evaluate your growth on the Tunga Testing platform.

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Why Use the Tunga Academy and Testing platform?

The Tunga Academy and Testing Platform are free!

Our courses and tests are peer reviewed and frequently updated. 

Our courses and tests cater to all levels of developers, novices, juniors, intermediates and experts.

Tunga’s academy courses are self paced!

You get access to the following courses and Tests

DevOps Methodology

Flutter Course

Pure React Course

Docker course

C++ Programming Course

The Complete.NET MVC Course

Introduction to Kubernetes Course

Data Structure and Algorithms Course

Python/Django Tests

ReactJS Tests

NodeJS Tests

PHP/Laravel Tests

Ruby/Rails Tests

iOS/Swift Tests

.NETCore Tests

Android/Kotlin Tests

Angular/Typescript Tests

DevOps Tests

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The benefits of using the Tunga Academy and Testing platforms.


Access to Quality content

You are guaranteed free access to top quality content that reflects the latest technological knowledge necessary for developers to excel.

Quality testing

Standard coding and multiple choice questions on our testing platform that evaluate your coding, programming as well as soft skills at every level in preparation for the competitive job market.

Ease of use and access

With the courses on the Tunga Academy, you can pick up where you left off without missing a beat and easily check to know your progress.

Interested in being part of this learning experience, then sign up!

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