Hire Python developers from Africa

Do you find it difficult to hire Python developers locally? We have more than 250 experienced Python developers in our talent pool. Find out who’s available!

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Python’s big in Africa. Use it to your advantage!

This year Python surpassed Java as most in demand software language in the market! As a result, many companies struggle to find and keep qualified Python programmers. In the same vein, Python developer salaries also rank number 1. This makes them a bit of a risky investment.

The good news is that there are no less than 120.000 professional Python developers active on the African continent. And we have some of the best of these vetted in our talent pool. So if you’d like to find out more, please leave a message in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Hire Python developers through Tunga

Python talent pool

Tunga receives many applications from developers throughout Africa on a daily basis. This allows us to filter out the best candidates for all the popular languages and frameworks. Python and Django are  very popular in Africa. As a result, we have over 50 experienced Python devs in our pool.

Python tests

Every developer on our platform has passed a range of tests. This includes both technical and soft skills tests. Upon your briefing we will present you with a shortlist of candidates that match your requirements. For instance, if it is Python you need, they will have been thoroughly tested on their Python skills. But if you like, we can run additional tests or even tests provided by yourself.


If you hire one or more developers through us, they will become part of your team. This means you can manage them directly. From our side we will make sure that all conditions are created for your collaboration to be successful: briefing, tools, infrastructure and a joint kick-off. Also, we will take care of all supporting matters. This includes salaries, taxes, contracts, etc.


As long as the developer is on assignment with you we will keep a close eye on how things are going. That is to say, you will be assigned a Talent Manager who will regularly check in with both you and the developer(s) and can troubleshoot where required. Further, if somehow the collaboration doesn’t work out, we can swiftly help you with an alternative.

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Benefits of hiring Python developers at Tunga


Quick and Flexible Access

Firstly, we have a large and vetted pool of African developers, so that we can quickly deploy staff to your team. But also decrease capacity easily as your situation requires.

Great Value for Money

Secondly, Tunga provides experienced developers at very affordable rates (~EUR27/hr). Further, there are no extra charges for the recruitment, the onboarding process or our quality monitoring.

No Hassle

Thirdly, working with our developers is plug ‘n play. Because we are more than 5 years on the market, Tunga knows how to take care of all legal, HR and administrative matters.



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