Hire talented African Laravel developers

Do you have difficulty finding Laravel developers locally? We have more than 80 Laravel developers in our talent pool. Find out who’s available!

Tunga is a staff augmentation firm that works with African software developers. We have helped 150+ companies worldwide with IT staffing. Hire skilled Laravel developers and add experienced developers to your team within days! No charges for the recruitment, the onboarding process or our quality monitoring.

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Laravel is big in Africa, a pool you can tap into

At least around 50% of Africa’s 690,000 professional software developers has some experience with PHP. As a result, Africa is an interesting market to turn to when hiring locally is difficult. At Tunga, we have 650 developers in the pool. Most of them have at least some experience with PHP/Laravel. And over 80 are Laravel Experts.

Tunga is on the market since 2015. Meanwhile, we have helped over 150 companies to source high quality engineers at affordable prices. In addition, our pool of 650 developers harbours a wide variety of talented IT professionals, including over 80 developers who are verified to be proficient with Laravel.

Make a difference by hiring Laravel developers through Tunga

Untapped pool of talent

African developers apply to join our Tunga every day. As a result, our pool currently has 650 developers from 24 African countries. To join Tunga, candidates need to pass a variety of tests. These cover both technical and soft skills including situational awareness and communication.

Tested professionals

At Tunga, our goal is to help talented African developers get access to the cool tech jobs that define this generation. We love to create the best possible cooperation for both parties, and this can only be achieved when we know exactly who we are connecting with. Therefore all our Laravel developers have been extensively tested on both technical and soft skills.

Getting started

Starting with a new developer is always an exciting moment. And more so when the developer is remote. We make sure that you have checked all the boxes for a successful collaboration and help you get started with checklists, tooling, process and a joint kick-off meeting.


Once the collaboration has taken off, the talent manager checks in regularly with both you and the developer. Either by means of a short survey or by calling/mailing. Further, if an issue arises, the talent manager will troubleshoot. And make sure that the continuity of your assignment is guaranteed.

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Benefits of hiring Laravel developers at Tunga


Quick and Flexible Access

Firstly, we have a large and vetted pool of African developers, so that we can quickly deploy staff to your team. But also decrease capacity easily as your situation requires.

Great Value for Money

Secondly, Tunga provides experienced developers at very affordable rates (~EUR30/hr). Further, there are no extra charges for the recruitment, the onboarding process or our quality monitoring.

No Hassle

Thirdly, working with our developers is plug ‘n play. Because we are more than 5 years on the market, Tunga knows how to take care of all legal, HR and administrative matters.



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