Hire the best software developers in Africa

At Tunga, we focus on making the best talents in Africa accessible to your organization

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The benefits of sourcing developers with Tunga

Quick and Flexible Access

Firstly, we have a large and vetted pool of African developers, so that we can quickly deploy staff to your team. But also decrease capacity easily as your situation requires.

Great Value for Money

Secondly, Tunga provides experienced developers at very affordable rates (~EUR27/hr). Further, there are no extra charges for the recruitment, the onboarding process or our quality monitoring.

No Hassle

Thirdly, working with our developers is plug ‘n play. Because we are more than 5 years on the market, Tunga knows how to take care of all legal, HR and administrative matters.

Why Tunga

Get started quickly (2-4 weeks)
Large pool of vetted and proven successful developers Major software languages and frameworks
Same timezone (for EU) and English proficiency Affordable fees

We have access to the best talents