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Hire vetted and experienced React.js Developers from Africa. Add English speaking Engineers to your team within days! From €27,-/hour.

Tunga is reliable, trustworthy and ethical

Tunga is an amazing company to work with, because they’re reliable, trustworthy and ethical. They understand the cultural differences and mediate between both parties. Besides that, Tunga JavaScript developers are very well-skilled and contribute amazingly to the development team on a technical level.

Casper Meijerink

CTO, Beeproger

The team at Tunga understood my needs

The talent team at Tunga understood my needs, and we were lucky enough to find the perfect fit in our Developer Kelly! He feels like one of our own teammates, and is wonderful! We see him as a long-term employee who we can't imagine time without!

Bronwyn Mondoux

Creative Director , Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc.

Dedicated team for rb2

Our company wanted to diversify into other geographical areas. We were enthusiastic about Africa, because there is still a lot of talent available, it is in the same time zone as The Netherlands and in many countries English is the official language. We chose to work with Tunga to ensure quality and continuity.

Mark van der Ploeg

COO, rb2

Delivered on quality developers

MindRight was looking to build a team of quality software engineers. However, our local market for software specialists is very tight. But then we found Tunga and decided to give it a try. Tunga onboarded 2 experienced JavaScript developers to help us achieve results.

Betsy Blanks

Director of Operations, MindRight

The level and quality of the work is great

We were able to quickly find a qualified Node.js developer who joined our development team because of both parties' adaptability and professionalism. This surprised me because I was initially biased and ignorant prejudiced about developers from African countries.

Dominique van Roon

IT Director, Coosto

Everyone in our office is super enthusiastic

We found the costs and scalability of Tunga's proposition very attractive. We also appreciated the positive impact Tunga intends to make for African youths. The matching and onboarding process were done very quickly. As a result, within a few weeks our new Angular Developer was fully operational for us.

Dereck Breuning

CEO, Provolve IT

Our Developers

At Tunga, we connect 1.000+ Software Developers from 25 African countries to businesses looking for agile and reliable software teams. We have more than 200 talented Developers with JavaScript technologies like React, Angular, Vue and Node. Contact our team and receive profiles within 5 days. Check out some of our skilled engineers listed below for a few examples.


Sourcing with Tunga

Quick and Flexible Access to Talent

Talk to One of Tunga’s Experts. You will meet with a Tunga expert to discuss your goals, team dynamics and business needs. Within days, you'll receive vetted candidates who are qualified and excited to work with your team.

Great Value

We provide experienced React.js developers at affordable rates (€27/hr.) There are no extra charges for the recruitment, onboarding or quality monitoring processes. Choose from over 1.000 vetted IT professionals from over 25 African countries.

Easy and efficient

With over 8 years experience managing developers, we are swift with all legal, HR and administrative matters. That means you can focus on what matters most - building your team and getting the job done. Trust Tunga to make the process easy and efficient.




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Client Countries




Developer Countries


Developer Countries

Vetting process and benefits

Our React.js Developers go through an extensive four-step assessment process covering a range of technical and soft skills to give you a holistic overview of their proficiency for your team.

  1. 1
    Technical Assessment
    We carefully evaluate our developers to ensure they are well-versed in the major programming languages, frameworks, and platforms like Angular, Node, React & Vue
    Technical Assessment
  2. 2
    Personality Assessment
    Based on the MBTI personality framework, we believe the better we know our developers the better we can help them be successful.
  3. 3
    Analytical assessment
    This test is designed to evaluate the developers ability to think critically and solve problems using abstract reasoning.

Unleashing Africa’s tech talent

Our mission: 21st century jobs for African youths
As a result, in 2015 we embarked on a mission to create 21st century jobs for African youths. With the support of institutions like Dioraphte, Oxfam, the DOEN Foundation, Edukans and Triodos Bank we started Tunga. To help talented African youths get access to the cool tech jobs that define this generation. So that they can become independent and make their mark in the international economic marketplace.

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