Hire a Vetted React Developer

Need to hire ReactJS developers for your next project? Tunga helps you find top React developers who pass our professional vetting process. Let's help you find the right talent to join your team on a temporal or permanent contract.

Already using Tunga to find top talents

The best developers on a friendly budget

The best developers on a friendly budget

At an affordable rate of (~EUR30/hr) , you can get started with working with the best talents that will ensure you meet your needs. Choose from a pool of over 800+ African developers who applied to Tunga and have been thoroughly vetted.

Focus on other important things

Tunga takes care of the developer’s salary, taxes, insurance, equipment and internet connection so that you have time for other important things and above all, a hassle-free experience working with them.

Here's how working with Tunga will benefit you

14 Days Free Trial

Test out a working relationship with the developer at no initial commitment! The first 14days is free and we will work with you to get what you want.

Great value for money

Our rates are very affordable starting at (~EUR30/hr) after a satisfactory trial period. There are no extra charges for the recruitment, onboarding process or our quality monitoring.

Plug ‘n Play

With over 5 years experience managing developers, we are swift with all legal, HR and administrative matters.

Client Testimonial

Found professional developers

We were able to quickly find a qualified developer who joined our development team because of both parties' adaptability and professionalism. This surprised me because I was initially I was biased and ignorant prejudiced about developers from African countries, yet in fact, Their level and quality of the work is great.


Dedicated team for rb2

rb2 wanted to diversify their developer pool into other geographical areas. They were enthusiastic about Africa, because there is still a lot of talent available, it is roughly in the same timezone as The Netherlands and in many countries English is the official language. They chose to work with Tunga to ensure quality and continuity.


Delivered on quality developers

MindRight was looking to build a team of high quality software engineers. However, the local labor market for software specialists is very tight. But then they found Tunga on Google and decided to give it a try. Tunga onboarded 2 fulltime developers to help MindRight acheive results.