Most in demand software skills 2021

Press release – Analysis: the TOP 20 most in demand software skills for 2021

To give aspiring developers an idea of what software languages to focus on in order to start a career, Tunga created the TOP 20 of most in demand software skills.

Tech talent sourcing in Africa

Press Release – Research: Africa offers attractive tech talent sourcing options

Global sourcing of tech talent from African countries has taken a flight. IT-staffing company Tunga now published a research report about sourcing software developers from Africa.

Press release – Tunga launches new e-learning platform for software developers in Africa

Determined to make a meaningful contribution to Africa and to create more opportunities for African developers, Tunga has now launched an e-learning platform.

dggf funding for tunga

Press release – Tunga receives DGGF funding and launches international growth plans

Tunga has received a Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) loan to build capacity. The investment enables Tunga to solidify its African operations, allowing the launch of growth plans in Europe.

African talent for sourcing IT professionals

Press release – African tech-talent the solution for IT-professional scarcity

Tunga published a report about sourcing African talent. The countries that are most suitable for finding software developers are discussed.