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Tunga is the go-to platform for hiring African software developers. Companies from all over the world use Tunga to hire African software developers to execute software projects, as full-time or part-time members of distributed software teams. Tunga’s mission is to create tech jobs for African youths and has a community of over 850 software developers.

We were founded in 2015 and have served over 150 clients from all over the world. Tunga’s clients have a diverse profile: SMEs, startups, and NGOs all belong to our client base. The main reason why they choose Tunga is that we are driven by empathy, empowerment, and joy of work, which translates into a high service level, high quality of work, and quite often long-lasting relationships with the client. In other words, we take good care of both our clients AND our developers!

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Head of Community

Type of engagement: Fulltime

Key requirements: Experience in community management, affinity with tech, marketing, and/or education

Location:  Kampala, Uganda, or Lagos, Nigeria

Application deadline: 30-09-2022

Job description

As Head of Community, it will be your objective to get all the best software developers from Africa to join Tunga. This consists of two parts. Firstly, you and your team will focus on establishing Tunga as the platform where African software developers can launch their international careers. This means visiting, sponsoring, and hosting (international) tech events, creating great content for our social media channels, and partnering with tech education initiatives across Africa. And while you’re at it, focus on improving the fit with developers that apply to Tunga. Secondly, you and your team will focus on making the Tunga experience more engaging, so our developers on the platform get more value and are more inclined to apply to specific opportunities. This means creating premium content, organizing engaging training sessions, and hosting regular community sessions and surveys to understand our community engagement.

Within the Tunga organization, you will lead and expand the Community team in the right direction. You will be HR responsible for the members of your team, and be part of the management team, where your primary role is to represent the voice of our community in our decision-making. On top of that, you will lead a program manager to implement our Tunga Academy project. In short, you will be pretty busy, so you’ll need to manage yourself and your team effectively.

Your activities and responsibilities will include:

– Visit, sponsor, and organize events for software developers across Africa;

– Organize engaging webinars and online events that represent the identity of Tunga;

– Create and organize training courses aimed at the missing skills for software developers to make the jump to an international tech career;

– Ensure engagement throughout our community with a high response rate to our opportunities;

– Setup partnerships with tech education initiatives across Africa and suppliers for developer tools;

– Represent the voice of our community in leadership;

– Establish and communicate Tunga policy with regard to our community;

– Ensure the growth of your team, and the individual team members;

– Drive platform functionality aimed at increasing the value for our community.

Your profile

We are looking for someone who meets the following profile:

You are proven successful in community management and leadership roles;

You have experience with tech and know your way around software development jargon;

You are a hands-on manager who gets things done;

You have excellent communication skills and are able to coach your team members;

You are a self-starter who is able to work independently and who can develop processes and structure as needed;

You have an abundance mindset. You think in terms of opportunities and are not easily set back by challenges;

Ideally, you have experience and/or affinity with marketing and/or education.

What we offer you

An inspiring and challenging job environment where you can work in an international organization on a meaningful mission;

A full-time role with elaborate benefits including competitive salary, health insurance, laptop, home internet, etc.;

A relaxed office culture: flexible hours, regularly working from home if desirable, result-oriented;

And lastly, a chance to establish yourself as a leading figure in the African Tech scene.


If you are interested please send your motivation letter and CV asap (but in any case not later than 30/09/2022) via the form on this page

If this isn’t you, but you know someone who fits, please share this vacancy with them!

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